The first 6 holes

Hole #4 Madge Lake Golf Resort

Hole #1

A tough par 4 to start your day. Trouble left and right off the tee so you need to be on the flat over the top of the hill leaving an approach shot to a green that will kick left if you're left of center.  Par is a good score here.

Hole #2

A short par 4 that long hitters will want to try to drive the green but most will hit a mid-iron to the bottom of the valley. Lots of room in the middle but swamp awaits left and right. A wedge up the hill to one of the flattest green on the course. After a humbling first hole, you have a good birdie chance here.

Hole #3

The first par 3 of the day, a beautiful hole that demands a well hit tee shot as anything short will stay where it lands or come back down the hill. A tough green that slopes back to front makes anything long a difficult chip so short is a better option. The first of one of Madge Lake's uniquely sloped greens!

Hole #4

A demanding dog leg left par 4 that demands another good drive to get down to or even around the corner to have a decent iron shot into the green. Green slopes back to front and anything on the right side of the green might not stick around. Might need an extra club on the approach as it will stick where it lands.

The picture above on the left shows the corner about 130 yards up from the tee.

Hole #5

A straight forward short par 4 provides a birdie opportunity. Favour the left side of the fairway as the fairway kicks balls to the right. Should be a wedge into one of the flatter greens on the course. The tee shot on #6 is blind so take a peek to your left at the pin placement on the #6 green on your way down the #5 fairway.

Hole #6

Second par 3 of the round. Pay attention to where the tee box is set up and what colour the pin is as that may affect your club selection. The green is flat and receptive to a good tee shot but don't be long and don't be right as both will make par very difficult to achieve.

Holes 7 to 12

Hole #7

The first of two par fives on the course and one of the most inviting fairways to swing for the fences. You'll need a good drive to have a chance to get home in 2 as a pond about 75 yards short of the green will swallow any weak attempts to get there. Most will lay up leaving a short iron into a green that slopes back to front and a little left to right.

Hole #8

Dog leg right par 4. Big hitters will cut the corner as there is more room on the right than you think and the right side leaves an easier approach to the green than something down the left as the green slopes severely to the right. Something down the middle will kick a bit to the right which is perfect. If your approach shot is left, you'll have one of the tougher chips of your season with the left to right slope.

Hole #9

The signature hole of Madge Lake, a beautiful par 3 with trouble left awaiting. It plays a little longer than it looks and the green slopes right to left so something right of the flag is ideal. Soak up the view. Great picture from both sets of tees.

A picture from a #9 tee box is provided to the left.

Hole #10

Decision time. Long hitters will aim over the swamp and hit for glory. But you need 300 to get there. Most will hit a 180-200 yard shot to the corner leaving a 150 yard shot to a green that slopes hard left to right. You'll enjoy hitting a big breaking putt in front of any onlookers who have finished their round and will be watching you suffer like they did a couple hours ago from the clubhouse deck!

Hole #11

Tough par 4 as anything hit in the middle of the fairway will kick down toward the swamp. Stay left and you'll have a short iron into another tough green that slopes left to right. Anything on the right side of the green will not stick around leaving a chip up the hill to try to save par.

Hole #12

A beautiful but challenging par 3. Hit the small green at the top of the hill or else! Anything short and right will kick down the hill and left is toast. Be sure to take an extra club to get there!

Holes 13 to 18

Hole #13

A short but challenging and tight par 5. Best to play safe off the tee to the top of the hill or even short of that laying up to inside the 150 with your second shot. Long hitters need to favour the right side as anything long on the left side will kick left into the bush. A blind approach shot into a large and flat green on the other side of the second hill. Keep it out of the bush and a birdie putt awaits. Be sure that the group ahead of you is on the 14 tee box before hitting.

The picture to the left is looking back up #14 from the very flat green.

Hole #14

Another fairway that is receptive to a long drive. The green is the hard part on this hole as it slopes severely right to left so if you miss right, you'll be left with a very difficult chip down the hill and your next shot will likely be a much easier chip up the slope!

Hole #15

At 275 yards, the shortest par 4 on the course. A couple of irons or a big drive and maybe a putt for eagle, that's your decision! You can't see the green but it's straight away in front of the tallest spruce trees. Need to hit a straight one here as anything right kicks right and anything left, well you get the picture. The green is receptive and slopes a bit right to left.

Hole #16

The most entertaining par 3 on the golf course. What can be so hard about a 150 yard par 3? How about a green that slopes severely right to left and will leave you scratching your head. Be short or a little left off the tee because if you have a chip from the hill on the right above the hole, keep that wedge in your hand as you'll need it on your next shot to come back up the slope. Even a short putt can have a big break so best to be under the hole. Par is a huge achievement here. As tough as this hole is, it's the most hit hole-in-one hole on the course as anything landing on the right side will trickle down toward the hole and have a chance!

Hole #17

A blind tee shot from the back tees on a short par 4 with more room than you think. Should be a short iron into another tough green that slopes mildly from right to left. 

Hole #18

A great finishing hole that lets you swing away with the big stick. The hill on the middle-right will help your tee shot down to the flat part of the fairway leaving an approach shot up the hill to a flat green with a false front that will reject anything short and left.