Wednesday = Golf for the Men

Wednesday has long been known as hump-day for those that work a 5-day work week.  But not everyone does, so we define Wednesday as Men's Night for golf at Madge Lake.  5:30 Shotgun so come early!

In 2019, every Wednesday, be prepared for a night of golf (10 holes), some food and drinks, prizes, and a whole lot of fun.


Schedule of Events

  • See you in 2019

Season Series - Defending Champ - Dustin Sas

Every week, there are prizes to be had and points to be earned!

For the season series, A little of the pot is taken from each week.  For the Men's Night wrap up (usually the last Saturday of September), there is a whole lot of prizes and money to be distributed.  Most importantly, the top four in the season series point standings get a little cash.  There are additional draws for cash and prizes that are based on your total points accumulated during the season with a minimum number of points needed to qualify.  You must be in attendance at the wrap up to win a draw prize!

Past season series winners:

  • 2017 - Dustin Sas
  • 2016 - Dave Placetka
  • 2015 - Rich Patterson
  • 2014 - Rich Patterson
  • 2013 - Ken Shabatoski
  • 2012 - Tom Jordens
  • 2011 - Fred Perepiolkin
  • 2010 - Darryl Binkley
  • 2009 - Darryl Binkley
  • 2008 - Ed Guenther
  • 2007 - Craig Tysowski
  • 2006 - Rich Patterson

Dustin Sas!!!!

The 2017 Men's League points champion.

In 2017, there were 225 different golfers who participated at least once.

Each 2017 Men's Night event averaged 44 golfers!!!!

If you want your name on the website, see you out EVERY Wednesday evening.